Aries is associated with the planet Mars. Arians are full of energy...

Aries is associated with the planet Mars. Arians are full of energy, inquisitiveness, assertiveness and have a sense of justice. Sometimes they become imprudent and impatient. Arians are full of life and have lot of high energy, which makes them ready for all types of challenges and adventure always.

Arians prefer to initiate things rather than to finish. They are born leaders and are known to take charge.

They discover new depths of their inner nature and other things. They hate dull, boring, repetitive routine. Sometimes they become abrupt with those whom they feel are not equals. They make their presence known to everyone. Arians are short tempered and cannot hide their anger.

Arians can work for long on a single project. Aries sign is the key that starts the universe which means they have extra inspiration in case of any serious situations. Aries is a fiery sign which means Arians tend to have the characteristics of fire: warmth, vitality, and brightness.

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