Diamond/Heera – Venus

Diamond, the king of precious gemstones, has surprising shine and beauty. Diamond is the gem stone of planet Venus. Venus is also the ruling planet of two signs (i.e. Taurus and Libra).  Diamond increases the positive influences of Venus such as stamina and wealth. It also provides heavenly marital life and good health.

This gemstone is white in colour and is good for all round financial prosperity and happiness. Venus is the most beautiful planet in the solar system. Diamond will help to improve native’s facial shine and gives him/her more confidence which will open many ways to success.

After wearing diamond, the wearer will be known for his systematic, logical and straight approach to the problems of life. It will remove evil and fearful thoughts of the wearer and making his/ her personality attractive and appealing. Diamond removes inferiority complex and generates desired qualities in the wearer.

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