Red Coral/Moonga - Mars

Red Coral is a gem of Mars. Red coral is used to improve mars. Mars has unexpected, fiery and disruptive powers. Mars is the god of conflict and the commander of armies of God. Mars denotes courage, anger, argumentative nature, cruelty and self-confidence. Mars also indicates force and energy of an individual.

Red coral governs this planet who is the lord of two signs (i.e. Aries and Scorpio). Red coral ensures confidence and enhances positive energy of mars. It can avoid all the professional disorders and insecurities related to them. By wearing red coral, one will get success in competitive exams and will have successful prosperous life.

It fills required amount of energy in the individuals mind and boosts them up to complete the given task.  Red Coral has ability to heal all wounds and maintain well-being of people. It protects people aggressively against black magic and evil eye.

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