Cat’s Eye/Lehsunia – Ketu

The cat’s eye gemstone is quite an interesting gem. It is a critical gem in the family of all precious gemstones. It is the gemstone of the planet Ketu. Ketu helps an individual’s spiritual advancement. The Cat’s Eye is supposed to counter the evil effects of Ketu and diseases caused by Mars. It can relieve mental anxiety and can dissolve stress. This stone is known favourable for meditation and inspiring spiritual enlightenment. This gemstone is believed to help in healing from cancer.

Wearing a cat’s eye gemstone can help in return of lost wealth. It also has the capacity to restart a closed business. It protects its wearer from secret enemies, accidents, mysterious dangers and diseases. Wearing a cat’s eye can give greater awareness and restore memory. It can also ward off the effects of evil eye.

People who are working in a creative field should wear this impressive stone. This gemstone is a favoured gem with individuals who love to gamble or participate in speculative activities. This is a gem for risk takers and adventurers. A person can wear this stone to ensure and strengthen the luck of a person to earn instant wealth. This stone restores excellent healing properties and will guard the wearer from evil eyes. It also unblocks the uncountable channel of earning quick money.

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