Astrology Predictions

1. Narendra modi was destined to win the 2014 lok sabha Elections!!

There are two datasets available on internet regarding Narender Modi’s birth details. I have analyzed both the data points and found that the following data suits his character and personality traits. i.e (DOB – (17/9/1950), TOB – 11:00 A.M., POB – Mehsana).  

During the time of 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, Narendra Modi was running under the mahadasha of moon and antardasha of Rahu. Moon is placed in his lagan conjoined with mars who is the lagan lord in lagan kundali. In Modi’s kundali there is a neechbhang raj yoga in lagan which is very powerful as moon is the lord of 9th house as well as the friend of the lagan lord.

In addition to the above yog there is also a raj yog in his kundali which is lord of 9th house is placed in the lagan.  In order to get the support from the public 4th house should get activate. In his kundali Jupiter is forming another raj yoga which is Gajkesari. All the yogas present in is kundali blessed him with name, fame, power, intelligence, success, etc.  As in his kundali 2nd house lord and 5th house lord which is Jupiter is placed in the 4th house. Rahu is signifying 5th house and it will act according to Jupiter.

At the time of election, he was undergoing the 1st phase of Sade Satti and at that time moon and the Rahu were in the nakshatra of Saturn which worked out for him. And they have supported him even at the time of Sade Satti. During the election his 1st, 4th, 5th, 9th houses were active which gave him the great results. All the planetary combinations were in his favour.

Hence, he won the 2014 Lok Sabha Election and became the Prime Minister of India.

2. Presidential Election In USA (2016) : Donald Trump

In the year 2016, during the presidential elections Donald Trump was running under the Mahadasha of Rahu and antardasha of mars. Rahu is placed in his 10th house the house of career conjoined with Sun and Mars is placed in the lagan. Then in Nov 2016, mahadasha of Rahu ended and Jupiter’s Mahadasha has started. There are many yogas in his kundali. Mars is the lord of 9th and the 4th house and it is place in the lagan in the Leo sign whose lord is sun which is placed in the 10th house which is related to career and Mars is the yoga karak of his kundali. Another yoga is 2nd house lord is placed in the 11th house in his own sign. At that time, he was undergoing second phase of Sade Satti and he got all the support from the public as 4th house got activated.

In Jupiter’s mahadasha he will achieve name, fame, success, even financial gains. Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house and it is aspecting the 10th house, that is why he got good results during elections.

3. A Great Bollywood Legend whose sudden death shocked the nation!!

Year 2018, Sri Devi was running under the mahadasha of Saturn and antardasha of Saturn and patyantardasha of Sun. Sun is the lord of 2nd house which is markesh and is placed in the lagan. Saturn is the lord of 7th and the 8th house and it is placed in the 7th house and it is also markesh.

Along with all the above-mentioned planetary positions, she was also running under saturn’s ashtam dhaiya which is again very effective in causing harm. As per Jaimini system of Longevity, it has been analyzed that her aayu was Madhya ayu and after completing the ayu only markesh will act or do their work.

Therefore, in her case she has completed her aayu and in the dasha of markesh Saturn she died. On the day of her death lagan and lagan lord were weak, disease house was strong and longevity house was very weak. So, in mahadasha and in transit both were signifying death.

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