Vastu Cases

Case 1 :

One of our neighbors were facing multiple problems in their life. Her mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone in the house was facing one or the other problem be it on the career front or health front. As she was aware that we were a Vastu consultant she asked us to tell some solutions to overcome this problem. She asked us to visit her house.


We did a thorough reiki of the house and found that there was heavy construction in the North section of the house.  There were multiple heavy almirahs in the North. They had made the place heavy in comparison to the South. The Southern section of the house on the other side was open and lighter.


We told them to immediately remove the heavy almirah from the North section so that section will become light. We suggested some construction in the South to close some of the openings there. As well as we told them to place a Citrine crystal in the South-East portion of their house as it enhances wealth.


She did all the changes which we told her. After couple of months their business started to show lot of improvements.  Mother in laws health also improved gradually.

Case 2 :

One of our client called us and told her problem. She told us that everyone in her house was having health issues one by one. She was very much tensed about this as the health problems were very severe. Her business was also suffering. She asked me to visit her house.

Analysis :-

 After a thorough reiki of the house we saw there was a toilet in the North-East corner of the house. This as per Vastu is one of the biggest blunders anyone can commit. They were also multiple mirrors placed in the wrong directions. There were couple of bathrooms which had mirrors right opposite to them which were doubling the negativity of the place.

Advised :

We told her first to demolish the toilet from the North-East direction immediately. Also, we asked her to change the placement of mirrors.

Result :

She has done what we had told her immediately. Now she is also fine and she thanked me for the solutions which were told to her. The family members who were facing continuous health issues also showed improvement. They recovered well. My client is able to dedicate time to her business also which also showed lot of positive upside.

Case 3 :

I (Nidhi Jain) was invited by one of my clients who is a big businessman. His family was facing problems as they were having frequent quarrels between the family members. The business was facing financial pressures. My client told me that he was missing peace in his house. Moreover, his elder daughter was not getting married.


When I went to their house I observed that the master bedroom was in the South-West which was correctly placed. On moving ahead what I saw was that they were having kitchen in the North-East direction of the house. This was the reason for the quarrels between the family members. After that I came to know that the elder daughter was sleeping in the South room instead of the North-West room. And in the end I analyzed that they are having the main gate of the house in the South West.


Firstly, I told them to place a Vastu pyramid in the North-East direction of the kitchen as well as to place 3 bronze bowls at the ceiling of kitchen in upside down position in North, East and North East part of the kitchen. Not even a single bowl was placed directly above the gas stove. Secondly, I asked them to make their daughter to sleep in the North-West room. Thirdly I asked them to shift the main entrance from South-West.  (As it was an independent house, it was possible)


The family has done whatever I had advised them to do. After 6 months when I look back, their daughter got engaged.  The business stopped facing losses. And finally, family members are living with better cordial relation.

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