Numerology Predictions

Following are some examples where we can see how numerology plays an important role in our lives:-

  1. Engagement of a Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra:
    Her date of birth is 18/07/1982. Her birth number is 9 and destiny number is also 9. She got engaged when she was (36 =9) that is also 9 as well as her roka ceremony was also on 18th i.e. 9.

  2. Asian games: Magic of 3,6,9
    15th august 2018 was our 72nd Independence Day which makes 9 number, and India makes 3 number and Bharat makes 6 number. India mark off in Asian games winning 69 medals makes 6 number which includes 15 gold, 24 silver, 30 bronze makes 6,6 and 3 number.

  3.  Reason behind the early success of Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone:
    Her date of birth is 05/01/1986. It includes 9,5,1 and above this 5 is her birth number and 3 is her destiny number. She has all the numbers in will plane along with all the numbers in practical plane of Lo Shu grid that is why she got high name and fame in film industry in short time.

  4. Our legendary renowned Music Director R.D. Burman:
    His date of birth is 27/06/1939. His dob includes 2,7,6. He has all the numbers in the action plane of Lo Shu grid and has got great achievement and became very famous in music industry.

  5. Reason behind the struggle and success of a Bollywood actor Ajay Devgaon:
    His date of birth is 02/04/1969. He has all the three numbers in the mental plane of Lo Shu grid and has strong mental ability to handle all the things properly and achieved great success in film industry.

  6. Jeff Bezos – DOB (12/01/1964) – Fate Number 3. This number is of Jupiter which is the biggest planet and always gives immense wealth and prosperity. This planet is known for expansion.
  7. Bill Gates – DOB (28/10/1955) – Fate number 1. This number is of Sun which is the king and gives light to all the planets and brings life. It has leadership qualities. It gives the power to an individual to meet the challenges of everyday life.
  8. Lakshmi Mittal – DOB (15/06/1950) – Fate number 6. This number is of Venus which is considered as the planet of luxury, beauty, love etc. Venus rules one’s sentiments, and the pleasure taken in life by anyone.
  9. Napoleon Bonaparte – His karmic compound number is 13 which shows warning and it is symbolized by a skeleton or a death. It is a number of ill fortune.
  10. Let’s talk about Google, its karmic compound number is 1 which is again the number of sun and has all the qualities of this planet.
  11. Walmart its karmic compound number is 3 which is the number of Jupiter and it is the planet of expansion and will give immense success.

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