Number 8

Persons born on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month are ruled by number 8, the planet of this number is Saturn.

They are normally quiet, reserved, shy, caring, determined, reflective, ambitious, well-balanced, disciplined. Despite of struggles they do not give up before achieving their goals. They are very caring, and face hardships to protect the interest of their friends.

They believe in doing actions and in getting result of their efforts and are highly ambitious and desirous. They put their every effort to achieve big in life. They can have all the luxuries of life if they decide and work persistently in their life.

They know how to spend money creatively. They achieve financial stability very late in life. They need love and admiration from their partner to achieve their high ambitions. They just want immediate results of their efforts and behave in an impatient manner. They judge the people very smartly and easily.

They are very private person and find it difficult to communicate with others openly. Although they may meet obstacles, their determination will always win through. They hate hypocrisy and deceit. Life bestows them with great success, magnificence, and enormous wealth. They have to work hard in order to get success. The life is unpredictable and unexpected for them.

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