Number 7

Persons born on 7th, 16th and 25th of any month are ruled by number 7, the planet of this number is Ketu/ Neptune.

They are independent, original, sentimental, restless, sensitive, romantic, systematic, extremely independent, charming, amicable, and full of zeal.  They are highly intellectual and their intelligence coupled with their wisdom. They possess a reasoning mind.  They are clear and focused towards their goals and life.

They are gentle and well conducted. They are excellent bosses. They have a good memory and have the capacity to create a lasting impression of the people they meet. They are adventurers by nature and are also brave.

They will be lucky in real estate dealings. They are very talkative and love to have discussion and debates. They love change and travel. They love to visit foreign countries and far-off lands. They have original ideas in business. They may not appear to be so sensitive because they go to extremes in order to hide their feelings.

They cannot be easily deceived by other people mainly because of their excellent intuitive power. They can easily know what the other person is thinking and what they want. They undergo many ups and downs in their lives. They have intuition power and mystic in nature. They have a high sense of self-respect.

They are restless and stubborn. They should not enter any partnerships as they are distinctive. Because of their reserve nature people misunderstand them. They should avoid being lazy, critical and sad. They should avoid excess in emotions as it upsets them both mentally and physically.

Though they are very original in their thinking, their performance is dependent on their mood. They find hard to express their feelings and emotions. Though they are fond of water, they must avoid deep waters and dangerous water sports.

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