Number 6

Persons born on 6th, 15th and 24th of any month are ruled by number 6, the planet of this number is Venus.

They are emotional, loving, polite, creative, inventive, imaginative, amicable, humanitarian, benevolent, charitable and balanced in their temperament. They are magnanimous and generous at heart and spirit. They are secretive by nature but can easily extract secrets from others. They are fond of adventure and love to travel to foreign lands. These people show stability, loyalty, and commitment in their relationships.

They seem to magnetically attract others to them. They nurture their relationships with love, kindness, care, and affection. They are always ready to offer help to others. They love beautiful things in life. They never shred off their responsibilities.

They at times become so self-sacrificing that they sacrifice their needs, desires, talents, and even the ones they love so much for the sake of others. They become slaves to them with whom they are attached. They love to entertain friends and make guests happy and contented. They can be very generous to art and artists.

As they are determined in carrying out their plans, they appear to be very stubborn and inflexible. They fight strongly for causes they believe in. They should avoid arguments and the company of negative-minded people. They are fond of music, poetry and dancing. They love life full of luxury, wealth and joy. They should judge people before entering relationships. They are friends in need as well as in deed.

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