Number 5

Persons born on 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month are ruled by number 5, planet of this number is Mercury.  

They are versatile, super critical, speculator, adaptable, amicable, soft and human at heart optimistic, encouraging, cheerful, and are flexible in their temperament. They have immense physical and mental energy. This makes them very active and decisive.

They have massive insight for business and industry. They have a strong tendency to overanalyze people and situations and this thing will harm them. They are willing to take risks. They crave for excitement. They possess great persuasion power and can influence people on time.

They love travel and entertainment. They love to indulge in public speaking and oratory. They have their own charisma and magnetic qualities. They make friends easily. They are also interested in occult sciences.

They lack determination. They are diplomatic and tactful. They should try to be more patient with your friends and family members. Sometimes they become irresponsible towards their work and life. They are deceived by friends. They have very low stability in their relationships and it is difficult for them to stay committed in their relations. They are very anxious and restless at times and lose patience. They fall prey to distraction easily. Sometimes they behave impulsively.

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