Number 4

Persons born on 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of any month are ruled by number 4, the planet of this number is Rahu.  

They are intelligent, bold, secretive, intuitive, intellectual, trust worthy, and accountable. They are very punctual. They are judgmental and bias in their approach. They execute plans, schemes etc. with innovations and in a systematic way. Reward and recognition are assured in the latter part of life. They believe in completing the impossible task.

They have enormous energy and force. They are the one who have the most practical approach towards everything in their life. They are very interested in finding minutes of details of everything. This habit of going too much into details harms them. They must expect disorders and sudden ups and downs in life. They would experience sudden occurrences in their lives. Their life waves between extreme highs and extreme lows.

They are fixed in their habits and tastes. Being highly sensitive they get easily hurt in their feelings which make them isolated and lonely. They make their own rules which don’t always match those of society. They can be stubborn when people start dominating or dictating them. Their habit of taking quick decisions results in losses. These people at times can be rebel, rigid, stubborn, and fixed in their nerves and hard to change. They must not be too aggressive in their temperament.

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