Number 3

Persons born on 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th of any month are ruled by number 3, the planet of this number is Jupiter.

They are ambitious, authoritative, individualistic, courageous, self-confident, optimist. They are cheerful, care free, playful, fun loving person.  They are flexible, determined, and hardworking. They love socializing and they are its active participants. They do not like to remain alone. They love order and discipline. They are diligent in carrying out their duties. They see everything with positive attitude and have high imagination and creativity.

They are fond of travelling and are strongly devoted to their family. They are religious and have respect for their traditions. They help others by providing motivation. They have their own philosophy and ideals. They rarely depend on others.

They find difficulty and troubles in matters related to money. They have a quick wit. They are rarely satisfied being subordinated. They can execute commands with absolute cleverness. They are wise and want knowledge in all areas. Their marvelous energy and initiative take them ahead and brings success.

They are suited to work in large projects in positions where they can exercise executive authority. They are intellectual and very practical. They create great possibilities for themselves and others. They mature quickly. They are out spoken and may have critics and enemies. They should avoid arguments and unproductive discussions. They easily moved by other people’s troubles.

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