Number 2

Persons born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of any month are ruled by number 2, the number of planet Moon. They are gentle, imaginative, artistic, inventive, sensitive, romantic, kind-hearted, helpful, and caring. They are intuitive and understanding in nature. They are rich in manners, patience, harmony, and sincerity. They hardly participate in arguments.

They are attached to their mother. They can easily read the mind of others. They are expert at taking out secrets from others but won’t allow anyone to attack their own privacy. They do justice and are unbiased. They do not leave projects unfinished due to loss of interest. Friendships are sacred to them. Many creative and talented people are born under this number 2. They love perfumes, fragrances and possess a refined nature.

They may lack determination to execute their ideas. They often suffer from the fear of making a mistake. They fear of being alone. Their shyness, fear, lack of interest and passion for any kind of work or activity act as a hindrance in their personality growth. They are always afraid of losing love, friendship, money and property. There is lack of physical stamina to undertake a continuous hard work.

They are pessimist and are mostly unhappy because of their lack of confidence. They must learn to overcome fear and possessiveness and rely on their intuitions to fulfil their dreams.  They should stay away from flatterers and avoid acting in haste.

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