Number 1

Persons born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month are ruled by number 1, the number of planet sun. Person of this number are inventive, highly individualistic, very ambitious, assertive, strong leader, creative, inventive.

Their ambitions and creativeness make them succeed in whatever profession they choose. They have strong leadership qualities, would be well suited to work in big organizations where they can show their talents and rise to the top.

Their ability to take quick decisions, coupled with a far-sighted approach, ensure their success. Once they reach the top they ensure that they get respect from their juniors. They usually take time around 28 years to 35 years to make their mark in life. They are fond of cleanliness and wants to lead a luxurious life.

They want freedom with no boundaries and cannot bear any interference in their work at any cost. They are quick to acknowledge their faults, because they are fundamentally an honest person. They are trust worthy and loyal partners. They are very romantic and gives the most expensive gifts to their lover. They always look out for new things and do not follow the beaten track.

However, they have some weakness too. They are self-centered, egotistic, aggressive, full of anger and fury etc. Pride is their weakest point. Enemies are quickly forgiven after they bow down and apologize. When your pride is hurt, you lose all assets and become most unpleasant. If they do not succeed, they become pessimistic and depressed. They must avoid speculation and gambling. They should also avoid overspending. They are very direct in speech.

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