Vastu Remedies

Vastu is a bridge between man and nature. It is not possible to change or alter the position of everything in the house, minor changes can be done. By making minor changes in the interiors and using regulators or stimulating objects, one can strike balance with nature, electromagnetic and cosmic forces. This helps bring back peace and happiness in life.

Vastu Dosh or doshas occur if your house or work place is violating any principle of Vastu. A Vastu dosh or dosha can be corrected through changes in the interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators or using some charged or stimulator objects. Every Vastu doshas has some remedy and if a proper solution is provided by a Vastu Consultant, happiness and peace comes back in the life again.

There are various tools which if used as per Vastu principles, will help to remove Doshas without making changes in the structure or architecture of the house. For detailed information please go through my book titled” Vastu Shastra : For a Healthy, Prosperous and a Happy Life”.  

Below are some of the key tools to remove any possible Vastu doshas.


Mirrors are useful in correcting the negative vibrations. Mirror is used to ward off the fault of a particular direction. It is also used to ward off the effect of the fault caused due to an object kept in a wrong direction. Mirrors are also used to "double" and enhance images and products that you may be displaying.

Sea salt:

Sea salt has the capabilities to absorb all the negative energies. According to Vastu, uncrushed sea salt is capable of attracting positive cosmic energy. If you suffer from depression, fear or anxiety, then take some uncrushed sea salt in both your hands and close your fists. Open your fists after a few moments and drain the salt into the wash basin.

Please take necessary precautions so as not to spread the sea salt anywhere else excluding the wash basin. Doing so will result in the draining out of negative energy from your body.

Salt should not be thrown, it should be flushed away. Bowl of sea salt can be kept in your bedroom, drawing room, or toilet, etc. as this will absorb all the negative energies from that area. One should change this salt at least once every fortnight. For best results one can wipe the floor of the house by mixing sea salt in the water.

Copper plates and wires:

Copper wire is used for correcting defects pertaining to the shape of the plot and especially used for hiding the wrong entries. Copper wire inside the earth acts like a boundary wall of a plot.  In case of existing floor, only the wire can be put by cutting a grove equal to the wire diameter on the floor. And copper plates are used mainly in making astrological yantras. Copper plate is used near the drains of the toilets to keep away negative energy.


Colors also work as a strong enhancing tool for correcting Vastu defects. Colors play an important role in enhancing the Vastu power and build up an enjoinment which is positive and inspiring. Colors affect people physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. There is a whole science that focuses on how color affects us as well as our surrounding.

Dakshinavarti (Ma Lakshmi) Shankha:

Most of the shankhas have their mouth left ward. But those shankhas which is having their mouth towards right is called dakishinavarti. They are white in color with brown lines on them that run towards the right or South. They are considered very auspicious when kept at any sacred place or the place of worship or the locker in the house. It should be kept after being draped in a white cloth.

This shankha is said to bring good luck and prosperity to the individual and his family. It brings happiness and success in the family. It can be kept in the puja room or Mandir. It is believed that whoever keeps this sacred Shankha gets the blessings of Goddess Maha Lakshmi and would never face financial constraints in his /her life.

You can get this Shankha in different sizes which can vary from small size like that of a rice grain to big size like a coconut. These are also known as Valampuri Shankhas. This Shankha is very vital and important and can be kept in any corner of the house.

Black Horseshose:

Horse shoe is full of physical power. With the gravitational energy of the earth, the horseshoe gets charged as the horse runs. Horse shoe absorbs so much of magnetic and positive energy that it starts working as a repeller of negative energy when applied on the main door of the house and office. It wards off evil eye. If a U-shaped black horseshoe is hanged at the main gate, then it will protect the house or office of a person from the impact of evil spirits.

The horseshoe should be hanged on a Tuesday in the morning or on a Saturday evening. It is a universal good luck charm. Horseshoe should be hung in a way that it resembles English letter “U”. The placement of the black horse shoe at the main entrance is of utter importance. Fix it on the top of the door. When you nail it, make sure that the ends are pointing in the upward direction. As this will help the horse shoe to absorb and store positive vibes and energy.


Fountain should be installed in the North of the house so that its influence may get heightened. It should never be kept in bedroom. A correctly placed water fountain attracts and enhances positive energy. This positive energy then enters the home impacting the inhabitants in positive ways.

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