Ruby/Manik – Sun

Ruby is a gem of Sun. Ruby governs this planet who is the lord of Leo Sign. The Sun gives, the vital life force, intellect, brilliance, prosperity, and represents the Soul of the Kalpurusha. The Sun is the ruler of all the planets. It also gives cheerfulness, wisdom, ambition, fame, good fortune, and the knowledge of medicine. It represents the fire and creates the day. It also represents authority, power, self, father, body and health. 

Ruby gemstone is a very auspicious stone. Ruby is primarily worn for Power, Status & Motivation.  It makes the person more energetic & passionate.  It enhances financial stability and improves recognition in the society. If a person wears ruby stone, then it will help in the development of soul force and will create confidence, optimism and courage. It is an excellent stone for Government workers, Leaders and Statesmen, Contractors and Healers.

Ruby gemstone helps in giving positive results and controlling stroke diseases, heart diseases, head hemorrhage, etc.  Ruby’s healing properties includes individual getting blessed with good health, eyesight, blood circulation and a glowing complexion. If this gemstone suits an individual then it gives special position in life. He/she will have good reputation and success in his/her life.

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