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Ridhaan Astrology is a one stop shop where one will get all the detailed analysis as well as the remedies for any issue in case of astrology.  Hundreds of families across India have got their queries answered.

One can get answers to each and every question which are related to career, education, family, spouse, children, finance related, match-making, Muhurat, property related etc. from Ridhaan Astrology. ”We will help you in enabling a better future”.

About Nidhi Jain:

Ridhaan Astrology was founded by Nidhi Jain. She is an esteemed Astrologer, a Vastu Consultant, a tarot card reader, and a numerologist. She is the author of the book titled “ Vastu Shastra : For a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy Life”.

She has many years of consulting experience. She has completed multiple advanced level certifications of astrology and other occult sciences through AIFAS (ALL INDIA FEDERATION OF ASTROLOGERS SOCIETIES).  She has completed her Chartered Accountancy (Inter) post which she has worked as a tax professional in the corporate world.

About the Book:

“Vastu Shastra: for a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy life” is an in-depth study of the ancient Indian Science of Vastu Shastra. This book unearths the various Vastu principles and practices of constructing houses, buildings or workplaces in such a way that there is a harmonious balance between the structure, the nature and the various energies including Cosmic and Electromagnetic forces. This book will help you to:

  • Create homes, buildings or any new structure in compliance with Vastu;
  • Make your existing homes or flats Vastu compliant including decorating the interiors of the house by ensuring placement of various things as per Vastu;
  • Understand ways to help working professionals to make their workplaces Vastu compliant.

This book is a one stop shop as it explains in simple words the various rules and tools for the identification and correction of various Vastu defects. Comparison between Vastu and Feng Shui along with their tools have been explained in simple words for the benefit of the readers.

By understanding these principles, the readers will be able to apply Vastu remedies on their own and make their lives stress free, happier, healthier and successful. Though very clearly, we want to strongly iterate that Vastu is not a replacement for hard work, it is just that one’s hard work and efforts will be fruitful and yield the desired results if one’s home and workplace are in compliance with Vastu principles.

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